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May's Simply Good Food Focus is Lean Protein!  Lean proteins are protein foods that generally have less saturated fat and cholesterol, which are bad for our hearts and arteries.  Saturated fat can clog our arteries and make it harder for our body to get oxygen and nutrients to all our organs.  Choosing chicken over beef or beans and rice over pork can help us get the protein we need without the harmful saturated fat.

Did you know?  The term "vegetarian" is generally used to describe someone who does not eat meat, but there are quite a few different types, depending on the proteins they avoid.  A lactoovovegetarian does not eat meat, fish, or poultry but does consume eggs and dairy.  A lactovegetarian consumes dairy but not eggs.  A vegan avoids all animal proteins.
Check out our Lean Protein Newsletter!  Click here to see an activity sheet with the health benefits and tips for lean protein!

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